CBD Oil for Pain

Living with pain is difficult on the best days and seemingly impossible on the worst days. Whether you experience pain due to an accident or injury, fibromyalgia, surgery or another health issue, it can significantly interfere with your ability to work, sleep and enjoy life to its fullest. Finding a way to deal with can mean the difference between having a pleasant day and just waiting for one to end.

While doctors are increasingly quick to prescribe pain killers, these medications pose serious risks: over time, higher doses are needed to achieve pain relief, and physical dependence forms. This is a recipe for addiction.

Luckily, there is a safe, effective alternative — CBD oil for pain is not habit-forming or addictive, is 100% natural, legal throughout the United States and has no psychoactive properties.

CBD Oil for Pain Relief

Many studies show that CBD oil can help reduce pain caused by a number of medical conditions.

In 2011, researchers studying CBD treatment for fibromyalgia showed that participants taking CBD oil for pain saw a significant reduction in their overall pain levels while those relying on more traditional methods saw very little, if any, improvement.

Researchers at the Canal Institute found similar results in regard to CBD oil and Multiple Sclerosis. This condition is marked by muscle spasms that can cause stiffness and pain throughout the body. Researchers found that CBD oil reduces the spasms, improves mobility and relaxes the muscles of people suffering from MS.

CBD oil can also give hope to people with chronic pain. People who suffer from chronic pain may experience a significantly reduced quality of life, and pain affects both their physical and mental health. CBD oil’s natural analgesic properties can reduce inflammation, reducing the physical symptoms of chronic pain, while the CBD oil also may reduce anxiety or depression caused by the pain.

How to Use CBD Oil for Pain Relief

Unlike traditional pain killers, CBD oil has little contraindications with other medications and has few distinguishable side effects. In fact, in 2017, the World Health Organization declared that CBD is a “safe, well-tolerated compound which is not associated with any significant adverse public health effects.”

When taking CBD oil for pain relief, we recommend starting off slowly. Choose one of our recommended products on the right, and start off with a low dose. Give your body time to adjust to the treatment, then gradually increase your dose until you achieve the pain relief results you desire.

Recommended CBD Oil Products

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